I have worn several hats throughout my life. From working as Event Coordinator, Stage Production, Concert Touring and working as Child Caseworker. Boy, that’s a big job difference. Still, one of the hats I never let go of was welfare for children.

I am sick and tired of too many victimized children left out to dry because of laws not fully protecting them or judges not enforcing the law. The Supreme Court has legalized virtual child pornography. The Internet is providing child predators with the most powerful, perverse tool they’ve ever had, society must come to grips with the danger presented to all children. Law enforcement can only do what the law allows.

Working with sexually abused children I have seen the effects. Words cannot even begin  to describe seeing the amputated rape of child’s innocent soul. Without right care that amputated soul may never be whole again?

In the past several years, I have given time to push for tougher laws about sex crimes, especially ones with sexual predators. Jessica’s Law is such a law. Jessica’s Law named after nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford who abducted from her home in Homosassa, Florida. Jessica was raped and later murdered by 47-year-old John Couey who lived nearby.

In 2005, we formed “Jessica’s Law Now North Carolina.” We got involved with every group, organization, and people with the same quest. From the start, we saw too much politics’ and bureaucracy from many Politicians. Make a positive difference had removed the politics’ out of the discussions for Jessica’s Law. Monday, July 28, 2008, North Carolina Governor Mike Easley signed Jessica’s Law.

In 2009; we changed our organization name to“Jessica’s Law Now.”

Our plight has allowed the privilege of helping thirteen other states obtaining version Jessica’s Law.

Jessica’s Law Now is part of a larger network of organizations that aids Missing and Exploited Children. We have assisted directly/indirectly with over one thousand cases, where a victimized or assaulted child needed help. Jessica’s Law Now, is proactive, not reactive, in helping families deal with these issues fraught from cases like these. We continually helped steer victimized families and children towards counseling and healing.

Throughout the years, we have assisted many media outlets with news stories and personal interviews.

Jessica’s Law Now network works in support of many organizations, groups, people for harsher laws of sexual predators. Many of our states have too many loopholes still in their laws comes to predators and offenders. We strive for a positive difference for such laws.Our states and the federal government have really dropped the ball too many times comes missing children.

Jessica’s Law Now join-in with Joyful Heart Foundation’s national campaign “No More.” Which is a movement centered on a powerful new symbol that brings together all people who want to end domestic violence and sexual assault?

Jessica’s Law Now has one goal see a positive difference for abused and missing children.

Thank You,

Mark A. Palmer
Executive Director Jessica’s Law Now