Question, does Slavery and Human Trafficking exist in the United States?

Yes, sadly it does. Many people think that all human trafficking is in third world countries. Statistics shows 73 percent of Americans do not believe or want to believe that slavery exists today. There are more slaves today than any time in history. Did we not abolish slavery and how can this be happening?

Slavery is a system under which people treated as property bought and sold, and forced to work. Slaves held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work or to demand compensation.

Slavery in the Americas had a contentious history, dating back at least to the Aztecs and played a significant role in the history and evolution of some countries, triggering at least one revolution and one civil war, as well as numerous rebellions. Although the trans-Atlantic slave trade ended shortly after the American Revolution, slavery remained a central economic institution in the Southern states of the United States, from where slavery expanded with the westward movement of population.

In 1865, the United States ratified all forms of slavery. “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist within the United States.”

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or a modern-day form of slavery.

When running for president, President Obama stated: “Human Trafficking needs to be a top priority. By having better laws and tools will help prosecute the guilty parties. We need more funding help this happen.”

The United States has three forms of slavery Agricultural, Domestic and Sex. How many governments turn a blind eye to these kinds of trafficking?

Human trafficking has become the third largest criminal activity in the world, surpassed only by drugs and arms trafficking. According to the U.N., 70 percent of those trafficked are women, most under the age of 18. Other studies show that 3.2 million women, girls, and boys trafficked globally for sex each year. Human Trafficking of children for sexual exploitation, illegal adoption has gone on throughout the entire world for decades.

In 2008, we met with various government agencies; they stated by 2012 that trafficking of children would outdo illegal arms and drugs. In October 2000, the federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act signed into law. At the time, federal officials stated that 50,000 young women trafficked annually in the U.S. and that organized crime was the culprit.

National Basic Statistics:

1.) 32 Billion generated in annual profit.

2.) 83 percent of countries affected by Human Trafficking.

3.) 27 million people are in modern-day slavery across the world.

4.) 2.2 are exploited by the global sex trade each year.

5.) In all 50 states, 244,000 Americans are in the form of slavery.

6.) 40,000 runways are at risk of sexual endangerment.

7.) 80 percent of women in the porn industry sexually abused.

8.) 1.4 million ends up being victims of sexual servitude.

9.) 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficking into the United States each year.

10.) More than 1 million people yearly trafficked throughout international borders against their will.

11.) The C.I.A. estimates 50,000 to 100,000 girls, boys and women trafficked annually into the United States pimp out or sold for sex.

12.) Each year 1,000,000 children trafficked for sex around the world addition to children already in slavery.

More than 700,000 women trafficked a year for sexual exploitation and forced labor. With 83 percent of women and girls forced into prostitution. Only 65 percent of all sexual slaves are girls under 18 years old. Girls that go through this ordeal and live tell about it share the same story. They were either lured or forced become a sex slave.

In 2009, a 12-year-old child was the average age of prostitution. Now it is even younger. Children as young as 4-years-old forced into prostitution.

Findings show that 2 Children per minute are traffic for sexual exploitation. The children endure daily and nightly physical and mental abuse. These children have forced upon them consists of tortured and rape. This places these children in a state of constant fear, for their lives and their families. Any sexual act performed on demand, or the child will meet harsh physical consequences and times death. Enslavement by human trafficking last 2 to 5 years as victims exhausted and become discarded.

Many dating services, escort services, and strip clubs throughout the United States have many connections with sex trafficking. Many of these businesses may seem legal but are fronts for significant prostitution rings. Even brothels have sprung up throughout various cities and urban communities. These enterprises are robust pipelines not only to each other but also other states and overseas.

Found that Traffickers and Pimps have turned to the Internet for trafficking of minors for sex. One such situation occurred in August 2010, with known Internet site Craigslist.

This publication has been full of Scandals for some time now from Babies for Sale, Prostitution, Sex Trafficking and even Murder. In 2010 reported, Craigslist was getting a third of their revenue from sex ads. Even people of the Gambino crime family charged with sex trafficking. Was said some of the girls were underage.

Craigslist’s other controversy was a public protest in backing out of displaying illegal site tied to sex trafficking.Craigslist has been in a problematic spot claiming free expression. Still, prostitution is illegal in every state but regulated brothels of Nevada. Then prostituting of underage girl’s criminal no matter what laws may try to make it like. Many of the girls that were tied were just sex slaves. Being forced to do sexual acts and being held against one’s will is just plain slavery.

Craigslist supposedly has a so-called check now. Will that do any good?

Craigslist has started a fee for adult ads. Management feels this will help authorities to track down guilty parties with following the paper trail. Agreement designed by Craigslist management and authorities. Presently involved are 43 state attorney generals with federal agencies and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Sadly many other known publications have been tied to such matters.

Comes to advertising of prostitution and sex trafficking, other known publications as New Times , Creative Loafing and even our Phone Books  are linked to such activity. There are state and federal laws regarding such matters and still nothing done by any authorities. Again, it just boils down to the almighty dollar.

In our social media, one of the worst offenders is Backpage a classified advertising website launched in 2004. The similarities of this social media site are of the same nature as Craigslist.

Through our research, we had many discussions about human trafficking with victims and about what they went through. Numerous occasions victims were able to give accounts and details that were most horrifying. In these types of cases, many victims were not sure who they are most afraid of their Enslaver or John. A primary concern is how authorities handle these matters. Either body investigates would fully accusations the victims or show no response. We witness these types of behaviors many times from various officials. We found the reason comes from the questionable involvement of people tied to power and money.

Today many cities throughout the United States like Washington, D.C., Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Charlotte would have problems with various forms of trafficking. We have found states that are near the ocean or border’s have the most severe issues. The United States has a growing problem when comes to kidnapping and selling of children.

Shared Hope International studies show 600,000 to 800,000 individuals trafficked across international borders each year: 80 percent of them are women and underage girls.

In a study, by the National Institute of Justice from 2000 through 2007 was found 298 people charged with federal human trafficking violations. A 138 accused of sex trafficking. More than half the states received D or F on the survey.

In 2011, a report gave Arizona a C grade, when it came to sexual intercourse with underage girls. Sadly the Johns receive a slap on the hand and the young girls seen as prostitutes or questionable means. Arizona has a lack of state laws that do not adequately protect our teen children sad occurrence in many states.

We found that Arizona has various provisions in their state laws. Allows a reduced charge of child prostitution from a Class 2 to a Class 6 felony providing the girl is 15 to 17 years old. The state has to prove that the Buyer or John is not aware of girl’s age. A cut sentence 90 days instead of 21 years.

The people who pay for services from victims are as guilty as those that keep them in bondage. Sadly many authorities go after the person victimized than the so-called John. This such a double standard.

Research shows 50 to 60 percent of men are willing to pay for sex with a younger female, even if they know she is younger than the age of consent. The Johns or Customers are usually unknown to the underage girls.

North Carolina received a D grade. The reason is that state lacks victim protections, especially for children forced or coerced into the sex trade. Was found that state doesn’t efficiently punish adults who seek their services or promote law enforcement assets, such as mandating training on domestic minor sex trafficking. Penalties for traffickers ten years to life but a conviction for facilitating trafficking or commercial sex trade of a minor carries sentence 58-73 months.

It has estimated that North Carolina could have 80 or more brothels in parts of the state, said federal law enforcement. North Carolina’s state law enforcement has found several escort services and strip clubs that were prostitution rings. Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Greensboro and Charlotte Police have met same situations in human trafficking of under-aged girls in brothels.

May 2004, Home Depot Security Guard saw a large number of vehicles escorting young girls into a van. Time became North Carolinas most massive Human Trafficking case. Realize this North Carolina; we are trucking through fare. What had a better place to hook this trade?

Sex Trafficking is just not to back rooms and sleazy motels.

Super Bowl, NBA Games, and other known sporting events bring large crowds with significant financial compensation for any city. That is why many a politician is fighting locally on sex trafficking tied to these sporting events. May look and sound substantial to an ordinary person but is not.

In our research into these matters found some exciting and alarming facts.

Many of these immediate concerns on sex trafficking by politicians are for the political purpose to get the event in their community with financial compensation for many a politician. Cities still deal with sex trafficking and prostitution long after major sporting events. It seems our politicians need do more for cities and communities welfare than themselves.

Various groups raised the concern of human trafficking tied to significant events like the Super Bowl. Through the years many accusations and different data by the media have supported such a matter. The problem was that too much talk occurred and no person of authority stand up a deal with the issue to the NFL?

Various organizations had to go ahead with caution and not rock the boat of powers be. Since many of these groups/organizations receive they funding approval from many of these parties. For some time all they could do was report carefully or go along with the crowd of powers be.

We found that many known sporting events have two types of sex trafficking. What is referred to as Common and then High Up ?

When you hear common includes the streets, rooms, street corners and truck stops. The high up for corporate heads, owner’s, players and big private parties.

People do not want to believe or think this happens, but it does.

In 2011, Dallas Cowboy Jay Ratliff joined to fight against human trafficking by endorsing Trafficking 911. An organization that was pushing a petition makes a positive difference. Jay even did a PSA help bring more attention.

Interesting that in parts of the state of Texas has various bars called, “Cantinas.”

Authorities know these establishments have human trafficking connected to them and nothing been done to deal with the problem. The event of the Super Bowl is a week of special events with the big game occurring on last day. Cantinas are operating every day, and year-round nothing has to happen to these establishments.

February 2, 2012, Fox News reported: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said there were 133 underage arrests for prostitution during 2011’s Super Bowl weekend in Dallas and estimated that 10,000 prostitutes brought to the 2010 Super Bowl in Miami, according to Forbes Magazine.

Shared Hope International, working with the American Center for Law & Justice, recently gave Indiana, host of the Indianapolis 500 and NCAA Final Four events each year, a D grade for its laws against human trafficking.

Spurred on by the bad review, state officials fast-tracked a piece of legislation that strengthened Indiana’s sex trafficking laws, Fox News reported. Indiana law now prohibits any person from arranging for another person to take part in any forced sexual act and makes it easier to prosecute traffickers who sell children. The bill signed into law by Gov. Mitch Daniels on Jan. 30, Fox News reported.

Interesting how quickly this happens, Think, if other states with our federal government do same what would happen.

Arizona has several law enforcement agencies working together help put an end to human trafficking. Squad called “Civil Rights Violations and Public Corruption.”

The squad consists of FBI, ICE, Department of Labor, US Attorney, and Phoenix Police Department but for how long. Many other states have same law enforcement squad and even though great strides have been making cutbacks have been felt.

There is no universally accepted definition of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The term encompasses the organized movement of people, usually women, between countries and within countries for sex work with the use of physical coercion, deception, and bondage through forced debt. However, the issue becomes contentious when the element of pressure removed from the definition to merge facilitating the active involvement in prostitution. For example, in the United Kingdom, The Sexual Offenses Act, 2003 incorporated trafficking for sexual exploitation but did not need those committing the offense to use coercion, deception or force so that it also includes any person who enters the UK to carry out sex work with consent as having been trafficked. Also, any minor involved in a commercial sex act in the United States while under the age of 18 qualifies as a trafficking victim, even if no movement involved, under definition Severe Forms of Trafficking in Persons, in the U.S. Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000.

Dec 30, 2011, President Obama made January be National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. We are glad that slavery and human trafficking officially being knowledge. These situations are more than a national problem they are international. We need all governments to recognize slavery and human trafficking for what they are Terrorism!

Obama proclamation.” We recognize the people, organizations, and government entities that are working to combat human trafficking; and we recommit to bringing an end to this inexcusable human rights abuse. Trafficking networks run both domestically and transnationally, and although abuses disproportionately affect women and girls, the victims of this ongoing global tragedy are men, women, and children of all ages.”

The US State Department’s 2013 report human trafficking notes that boys are more vulnerable to sex trafficking, particularly around hotels, truck stops, bus stations, and shrines. The report describes a structured system for forcing women and girls into prostitution, including the presence of physical markets in which victims for sale.

In the 2014 NBA All-Star weekend in New Orléans, 30 arrests connection with sex trafficking. Louisiana state police were part of an investigation involving local authorities and the FBI.

The arrests included 22 women and four men arrested on prostitution-related charges. Four other men booked for allegedly using computers to ask for minors for sex. The operation also resulted in the rescue of a juvenile believed exploited since she was 14. The women believed to have traveled to New Orléans from across the country including California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas to engage in sex-related crimes during the NBA All-Star weekend.

Former NFL Panther Cheerleader-turn-sports journalists Brittney Cason from Charlotte, North Carolina, approached cover the 2014 Winter Olympics last September. A (so-called) talent agent contacted Brittney Cason in September 2013 by her website calming be hiring a journalist to cover the 2014 Winter Olympics.

‘Given my background in sports broadcasting… and working on sports talk radio, it made sense he was recruiting me,’ Brittney Cason wrote.

Writing on, she explained how she became suspicious when – after a lengthy application process – the ‘agent’ asked her if she had any ‘girlfriends’ she could take with her, offering them visas with no interview process. Made her question this and started investigating.

The investigation saved her livelihood. The production company never heard of the talent agent and advised her to contact a lawyer. The FBI felt ideal to lure and traffic Brittney Cason with her friends. American women sold worth more in a foreign country.

Not uncommon for men and women to pose as managers, talent agents, casting directors and photographers to lure and traffic women. It pays to deal with credible managers, agencies, photographers, and people.

Human trafficking is a global travesty that takes many forms. Whether forced labor or sex trafficking, child soldiering or involuntary domestic servitude, these abuses are an affront to our national conscience, and to our values as Americans and human beings. There is no one type of victim men and women, adults and children are all vulnerable. From every corner of our Nation to every part of the globe, we must stand firm in defense of freedom and bear witness for those exploited by modern slavery.

U.S. State Departments Advisor on Trafficking stated,” We are not finding victims in the United States because we do not look for them.” A source with North Carolina law enforcement said, “ We cannot handle these problems of Sex Trafficking and Internet.” According to federal authorities, these adult sites are in record number, and they are doing their best. Homeland Security made it clear that human trafficking is a “ modern-day form of slavery involving the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain .”

In 2012, the International Labor Organization estimated that there are 20.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, sexual exploitation is just commonly ahead of forced labor. Numbers show that also holds true in the U.S., where more than 4,000 cases of sex trafficking reported. The whole human trafficking is a lucrative industry that around the globe rakes anywhere from $150 billion or more. Some have questioned these numbers since cases do go unreported. Still, there is too much evidence saying otherwise!

In 2016 reports show a continued increase in domestic human trafficking. Making a 35 percent over 2015 which National Human Trafficking Resource Center and the Polaris Project Claim.

The statics that Befree text line reported in 2016 was from 8,000 cases and was up from 5,961 cases in 2015 with 5,382 cases in 2014. The report showed around three – quarters of the cases dealt with sex trafficking and labor trafficking making 14 percent of calls in 2016.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry seems to arrive at the same conclusions from his June 2016 Trafficking in Person’s Report. What Secretary of State John F. Kerry feels is a fight we can and must win.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry report also told in December; the President appointed 11 trafficking survivors to the first-ever U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. Their courage and commitment remind us all of our responsibility to take bold action so that, together, we will win more battles in a fight that will surely last for generations. That is why I urge you to read this Report as a call to action—a plea to people everywhere to realize the vision of a world that is more caring and more just–a world free from modern slavery.

We should always keep up a zero tolerance comes to abusing any child. Findings have shown legal authorities come up short when comes to protecting our children. The reason for this been from the lack of funding promise by our national and state government.

As a nation, we can make a difference for our society and our children. Our leaders need to learn that our children are not Democratic or Republicans, they are just kids. We need to have a nation that provides harsh sentencing to child traffickers, predators, and abusers.